Towers & Pump Tanks

Low Maintenance, Enhanced Durability

Combine our extensive experience in sulfuric acid plant design and operation with the latest process technology and materials, and you'll see a marked difference in our solutions for towers and pump tanks. MECS has improved on the traditional approach to provide today's industry standard in the design, fabrication and operation of ZeCor® pump tanks and towers. 


Our designs incorporate our acid distributors and mist eliminators to dramatically increase efficiency. We also rely on processes that allow us to make towers and pump tank diameters smaller -- a big advantage in lowering capital and operational costs.


Engineered Alloy Products


MECS uses corrosion-resistant materials to replace

traditional brick lining. This reduces weight, installation

and foundation costs, and greatly diminishes maintenance

costs and downtime for repairs. In fact, our alloy vessels

deliver many years of safe, trouble-free operation. 





ZeCor alloy towers allow for minimal plant down time during

installation and a quick turn around on your plant revamp.



MECS works with you to design, fabricate and install new or

replacement equipment that delivers results today and for the future.


To view a brochure for MECS ZeCor Towers and Pump Tanks click here.



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