Tower Packing -- WavePak™

Designed to Pack a Punch

Reducing pressure drop not only enhances performance of sulfuric acid towers, it also leads to big savings. MECS developed WavePak™ceramic porcelain packing to give you the best of both worlds -- performance and savings. 

WavePak ceramic packing offers major advantages over other traditional packing materials. Our ceramic packing delivers with superior internal gas distribution, higher capacities, and optimum mass transfer efficiencies.    

Equally important, WavePak’s unique construction pays you back by providing significant pressure drop savings over conventional saddles. You can save as much as $10,000 per year in operating costs for each inch of pressure drop that you reclaim with WavePak when replacing three-inch saddles. So add it up. If WavePaksaves four inches of pressure drop in water, you save $40,000 per year!

Let MECS show you how WavePak boosts performance and increase your profit levels! 


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