VectorWall™ and HexWall™ Furnace Baffles


VectorWall™ Mixing Systems for Sulfuric Acid Plant Reaction Furnaces and

HexWall™ For Sulfuric Acid Plant Sulfur Burners and Spent Acid Recovery Furnaces


The MECS® VectorWall™ Reaction Furnace Mixing System and MECS® HexWall™ are versatile, mechanically stable systems consisting of a series of stackable six-sided blocks incorporating alternating tabs and slots on each side that are designed to ensure the blocks are positively locked together at installation. The MECS® VectorWall™ and MECS® HexWall™ are offered in a highly creep resistant mullite bonded composition designed to resist deformation under load.


MECS® VectorWall™ and MECS® HexWall™ are stronger, more precise, and use far fewer parts than standard 9” brick and refractory mortar baffles, for a faster, more secure installation. Rapid disassembly and reassembly of the MECS® VectorWall™ or MECS® HexWall™can easily be achieved for major maintenance turnarounds. Spanning the entire inside diameter of the burner or furnace, MECS® VectorWall™ and MECS® HexWall™ become structurally integral with same.


Features and Benefits:

  • Large hexagonal ceramic blocks are inherently stable
  • Design ensures that all blocks are fully supported
  • Tongue and groove interlocking joints can withstand thermal expansion
  • Structural stability even in upset conditions
  • No mortar required results in easy, fast installation
  • Virtually any baffle configuration may be accomodated
  • May be removed and re-used for maintenance
  • Successful track record in severe service applications with no failures

 Engineered Mixing Solutions for Lower Pressure Drop and Higher Process Throughput

The MECS® VectorWall™ replaces and signicantly improves upon traditional, weak, unsupported refractory brick baffle walls with what is usually a smaller overall number of walls that perform the same function more efficiently in a shorter distance. Advantages of the MECS® VectorWall™ include lower pressure drop, increased process throughput and lower total installed cost.  A virtually unlimited number of mixing configurations are available.


Interlocking Hexagonal Ceramic Blocks for Fast Installation and Superior Structural Stability

MECS® HexWall™ system replaces and significantly improves upon traditional, weak, unsupported refractory brick baffle wall methods. Any combination of open and solid blocks may be used to create custom designed baffle walls. The mechanical stability at operating temperatures is in excess of 1650C and has withstood excursions well above 1800C.


MECS® HexWall™ technology is available worldwide and provides the easiest to install, most reliable and long lasting sulfur burner and spent acid recovery furnace baffles in use today.


To view a brochure for MECS® VectorWall™, click here.

To view a brochure for MECS® HexWall™, click here.

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