Acid Distributors



Lower Costs, Improved Results, Better Performance

With nearly 1000 acid distributors installed worldwide, MECS offers proven engineering solutions to meet your needs. 

Our newest, patented UniFLO® design gives you all the advantages of a conventional trough-style distributor with many added benefits. MECS' gate assemblies in each trough afford easy flow adjustment that is made in minutes -- without changing out orifice plates. The result is unparalleled, uniform distribution.


We offer the UniFLO® distributor in our ZeCor®-Z and ZeCor®-310M alloys, the toughest corrosion-resistant materials on the market. No matter which ZeCor® alloy is required, our UniFLO® distributor gives you dependable service year after year. In fact, our equipment has a standard life of 20-plus years. Over the long haul, UniFLO® distributors save significantly more than conventional cast iron designs for initial capital costs and long term maintenance.


Add it all up -- uniform distribution, more dependable, lighter, enhanced safety, less maintenance, longer life, and lower cost -- and the advantages of UniFLO® acid distributors are clear.


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