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TowerGARD® Mesh Pads

For Sulfuric Acid Plants


TowerGARD® PerformanceCorrosion Rates

Fine mist, created by mechanical shearing forces through tower packing, can pass through conventional mesh pads and cause downstream corrosion of valuable equipment. TowerGARD captures, collects and returns the acid mist to the tower. TowerGARD systems made with co-knit fibers offer increased targets for slower/smaller droplets . These systems are capable of handling turndown ratios of 50% or more, whereas conventional pads are more limited.


ZeCor®-Z Corrosion Resistant Materials

Sulfuric acid plants using mesh pads in absorbing tower or drying tower service have long been plagued by the relatively short life of stainless steel, alloy 20 or even Teflon® mesh pads . Many plants replace such pads every two or three years, and in some cases, every year . The best corrosion-resistant alloy ever produced for protection against sulfuric acid is ZeCor®-Z. Only MECS can incorporate this material into TowerGARD mesh pads.





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