Unique Design and Advantages of the MECS-ThermoZ™

Plate dimple design results in outstanding heat transfer efficiency 

The MECS-ThermoZ consists of a series of stacked, parallel plates that provide a smooth, continuous path for minimum air resistance. The heat transfer plates are completely seam welded to ensure against cross contamination. Spacing is typically achieved with a combination of raised and depressed conical dimples, providing uniform plate pitch and an improved heat transfer coefficient. The height of these dimples can be varied during shop fabrication to establish the desired plate spacing necessary to meet specific performance parameters. Prior to shipment, each module is leak tested and rated for 0.05% maximum leakage at the design differential pressure, ensuring straightforward start-up and long service life.



Optimum-h™ is the ideal solution to eliminate cold end corrosion


When gas temperatures and dew point conditions require maximum corrosion protection from cold spots, the Optimum-h System can provide a value engineered approach to raising the minimum metal temperature in near condensing applications AND allow for less expensive materials of construction. Unlike most other attempts to reduce cold spots in heat exchangers, the Optimum-h System does not increase the resistance to heat flow through the gas separation plates and thus does not reduce the overall effectiveness of the heat exchanger. The full effect of the entire surface area within the MECS-ThermoZ is achieved with this design.

Without Optimum-h

With Optimum-h










Heavy duty design, robust fabrication and the proper selection of materials of construction results in high reliability for MECS-ThermoZ in demanding applications like these:

MECS ThermoZ

  • Fired Heaters
  • Boilers
  • Air Preheating
  • Gas Coolers
  • Dryers
  • Ovens
  • Oxidizers
  • DeNOx  

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