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With over 80 years of experience in sulfuric acid processes and related products, MECS provides leading technology and industrial products that are engineered to perform and built to last.

Sulfuric Acid Plant Processes


There are a number of different Sulfuric Acid Plant Processes.  MECS knows which process best fits your application. 
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Heat Recovery Systems for Sulfuric Acid

A clean technology that improves energy efficiency and reduces carbon emissions.
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MECS offers technologies for Nitric Acid.
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Wet Gas Scrubbing

Technologies for Wet Gas Scrubbing vary according to application needs.
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Mist Elimination

The environment and your plant’s equipment are protected by MECS mist elimination technology.
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Air Preheating

Increase Energy Recovery with high efficiency air preheating technology from MECS.
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Corrosion resistant metal for sulfuric acid

MECS combines sulfuric acid experience and material, process and design expertise to offer optimum corrosion resistance in the ZecorZ family of alloys.
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