Technical Briefs


Date                     Plant Type


14-Aug-2006      Spent Acid             Sight Port Failures on Combustion Chambers in SAR Facilities 
30-Apr-2004       All Plants                Minimizing Collateral Damage from an Acid Cooler Leak
16-Oct-2003       Sulfur Burning       Sulfur Furnace Sight Ports and Sulfur Guns.
25-Apr-2003       DynaWave/FGD   Piping Erosion in DynaWave Slurry Reagent Applications
1-Nov-2002        All Plants               Prevention of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Superheaters
1-Nov-2002        All Plants               Hydrogen Formation & Hazards of Welding on High Performance S. Steel
1-Nov-2002        All Plants               Proper Support of Safety Relief Valve Exhaust Lines
1-Nov-2002        All Plants               Mist Eliminator Seal Cups
1-Aug-2001        All Plants               Tower Outlet Strainers
1-Aug-2001        Sulfur Burning      Maintaining Low SO2 Emissions During Start Up and Shutdown
1-Aug-2001        Sulfur Burning      Sulfur Handling Hazards
1-Aug-2001        All Plants               Absorbing Tower Concentration Control
1-Sep-2000        Sulfur Burning      Potential Danger for Sulfur Pit Covers
1-Sep-2000        All Plants              Cyclical Plant Operations
1-Sep-2000        All Plants              Potential Damage due to Vacuum
15-Sep-2010     Sulfur Burning      Shell Overheating Adjacent to Manway

27-Oct-2011       All plants             Improper Control Valve Location

5-Feb-2013        Sulfuric Acid         /HydrogenFeature.pdf


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