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Brink® Mist Eliminators For Sulfuric Acid Plants

Protect expensive downstream equipment, optimize operations and minimize environmental impact.  

Since the first fiber bed mist eliminator was developed in 1958, MECS has set the standard for providing a range of solutions to meet diverse needs. Installed throughout the world, Brink® Mist Eliminators incorporate the latest technology designed to give you the highest performance for your sulfuric acid plant. 

As the world leader in the design and construction of acid plants, our engineering staff has the expertise to analyze and recommend the right solution for even the most difficult acid mist removal problems.  

Ready To Meet Your Needs

We offer the widest range of designs and materials in mist eliminators. And with our expertise on gas inlet conditions and acid tower operations, MECS can effectively optimize your mist eliminator design and construction to achieve the highest performance, lowest pressure drop, and longest life. 

Our engineering staff works closely with our customers to determine the Brink product that best meets their needs. Your solution will ensure a mist eliminator that offers high performance while lowering plant maintenance and operating costs.


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