Replacement Products

Strengthen Your Weak Links

MECS offers a complete line of products that provide performance in shoring up weak links. These engineered alloy products can be retrofitted into brick-lined carbon steel vessels or other equipment fabricated from conventional materials. 

You can choose from ZeCor®-Z, ZeCor®-310M and Zecor®-C nozzle assemblies or sleeves to repair damage and eliminate the safety hazards of acid leaks. Offered for inline as well as side and bottom outlet nozzles with Vortex breakers, our strainers are built to last. Our ZeCor®-Z and ZeCor®-310M packing support grid uses a unique design to replace ceramic grid bars and locks. Prefabricated alloy grating makes handling and installation easier, while providing enhanced performance over ceramic systems. Virtually corrosion-resistant, MECS' ZeCor®-Z mesh pads provide a longer service life. And our FilmgardTM 4 replaces any existing anodic protection system with a common, centrally controlled package to monitor up to three coolers with one operator interface. 

MECS spare parts and replacement products give you the solutions you need to avoid costly, time-consuming repairs, and enable you to strengthen weak links that cause repeated problems.


To view a brochure for MECS ZeCor Replacement Products click here or for ZeCor Packing Support Grids click here.









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