MECS products can be found in major refineries across the world.  The refining industry uses our technologies to contend with difficult circumstances regarding corrosion, energy savings, safety, and environmental concerns. 

In a petroleum refinery, the hydrocarbon steam reforming system is one of the highest energy intensive systems.  Gas-to-gas heat exchangers, acting as combustion air preheaters, result in significant energy and cost savings when utilized in conjunction with reformers.

Air Pollution control is an issue affecting refiners world wide.  Robustness, flexibility, and reliability are key to refinery operations.  The DynaWave has proven benefits in sulfur recovery unit (SRU) tail gas scrubbing, and removal of H2S from sour gas.

Refiners use sulfuric acid and hydrogen sulfide in various refinery processes.  These can be recovered in Spent Acid Recovery  or Wet Gas Sulfuric Acid processes designed by MECS.

Submicron oil and water particles are present in gas streams following refinery compressors.  MECS Compressed Gas Filters provide an excellent collecting mechanism.





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