Refinery Sulfur Recovery Unit


Sulfur Recovery UnitSulfur Recovery Units typically utilize CLAUS technology to recover sulfur in off-gases from refineries, gas plants, coal gasification or other processes.  CLAUS units can be stand-alone, or followed by other sulfur recovery technologies, termed Tail Gas Treaters.  The SRU Tail Gas is most often incinerated, converting H2S to SO2, sent through a waste heat boiler and out to the stack.

Depending on local air quality regulations, the SRU Tail Gas must be scrubbed.  The DynaWave wet gas scrubber is an excellent means to meet clean air requirements.

Challenges in the SRU Tail Gas Clean Up application are:

•    Potentially very high inlet SO2
•    Variable gas flow and inlet SO2 concentrations due to the need to bypass processes downstream of the CLAUS units.
•    High inlet temperatures if a waste heat boiler is not required.
•    Regulators sometimes require system redundancy

Why Choose DynaWave?

•    99+% removal efficiency of SO2
•    Low capital equipment cost
•    Self compensation/high turndown allows DynaWave to handle bypass conditions and provide system redundancy
•    Large bore Reverse Jet nozzle eliminates plugging
•    Very few internal parts which equates to a very high on stream reliability
•    Small footprint
•    Simplicity in operation with low operator attention required
•    Proven in 300+ installations

DynaWave is the only wet gas scrubber which provides:
•    Quench
•    SO2 removal,
•    Sulfite oxidation
 in one vessel.

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