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Brink Benefits – Quantitative …

There are several Brink diffusion fiberbed types that can be used for your process. Depending
upon the application, as much as 40 percent lower pressure drop can be achieved for the same
collection efficiency when compared to older fiberbed technologies.

We select the most optimum fiberbed design for your process to minimize total cost. Note in
addition to up-front capital cost, the overall life cycle cost of mist eliminators includes operating
pressure drop (energy consumption) and the cost of maintenance. Often it is better to include extra
operating margin in the mist eliminators to extend service life rather than trying to find the lowest
cost installation.

As with all Brink mist eliminators, diffusion beds provide collection efficiencies of 100 percent on all
particles larger than 1 micron in diameter. Diffusion bed systems can also be designed to provide
collection efficiencies as high as 99.999+ percent on all particles less than 1 micron in diameter for
special applications.

Typically, collection efficiencies of 94 to 99.7 percent on all particles 1 micron and smaller in
diameter are utilized in Brink systems. Brink diffusion bed mist eliminators are designed for a
specified pressure drop usually in the range of 2 to 20 inches of water column. Since pressure drop
is proportional to fiberbed areas, the size and cost of a Brink diffusion fiberbed increases for lowerdesigned
pressure drops and higher collection efficiencies. The figure below shows the effect of
pressure drop and collection efficiency on the cost of Brink diffusion fiberbeds for a given gas flow.

Pressure Drop vs Relative Cost for Brink HE Mist Eliminator

For minimum overall life cycle cost, it is important when purchasing a fiberbed system to balance
collection efficiency, operating pressure drop, and product service life. MECS application
experience in over 300 applications with over 5000 installations world-wide will help assure your
fiberbed design will provide balanced, state-of-art performance for your peace-of-mind.

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