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Air Pollution Control -  removal of small and submicron particles that have the greatest tendency to
cause opacity and plume persistence in stack gases. Brink systems effectively remove these particles
eliminating visible as well as harmful air pollution.

Before Brink Mist Eliminators

After Brink Mist Eliminators




Reduced maintenance -  removal of harmful mists that can cause downstream corrosion, plugging or fouling. Brink units are self-cleaning, have no moving parts, and seldom require repacking. (One client operated over 24 years before repacking).

Improved Product Purity -  removal of contaminating mists and soluble solids at collection efficiencies of nearly 100 percent. As the particle size gets smaller (below three microns and in the sub-micron ranges), Brink efficiencies actually increase. One application in cryogenic helium reported mist removal down to the parts per billion level.

Reduced Material Loss - often a side benefit of buying a Brink system for some other reason, reducing material losses can partially offset or even completely pay for the system.

Safer Operation -  removal of dangerous mists that create potential fires or explosions in process gas streams and compressed air systems.

Improved Process Design and Operation - removal off submicron mists in a process gas stream can eliminate the need for more costly materials of construction for downsteam equipment and permit more efficient operating conditions that increase product yield.


NOTE:  Collection efficiencies in all Brink systems are measured on a weight basis by particle size. Brink systems can be designed to meet varying client needs, with collection efficiencies of 100 percent on all particles larger than 1 micron in diameter and as high as 99.999+% on all particles less than 1 micron in diameter.

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