Process Gas Valves for Sulfuric Acid Plant Service


Severe Service and Robust Design Combined with Sulfuric Acid Experience, Technology and Practical, In-Plant Know How


Plant engineers in the know choose MECS® products and technologies for their high reliability, long service life and ease of maintenance for use in sulfuric acid plants around the world. MECS® Process Gas Valves are specifically engineered to provide improved performance and longevity in sulfuric acid process gas applications. Our valves are fabricated by certifed alloy welders, experienced machinists and CAD/CAM equipped precision machine tools using the latest ISO standards for consistent high levels of quality and manufacturing efficiencies. The hazardous and severe service applications in a sulfuric acid plant demand expertise in corrosion resistance, metallurgy, seal/packing materials and integration of effective actuation packages designed around high reliability and value. All MECS® Process Gas Valves embody these critical attributes resulting in worry free operation and a safe, clean and efficient work place.


Features and Benefits:

  • Designed and fabricated specifically for sulfuric acid plant service, high reliability and low maintenance
  • Materials of construction specified based on in-depth knowledge of proprietary and commercial alloys, backed by over 100 years of acid plant experience
  • Actuation packages custom designed for each application and sized for highest service reliability


MECS® Process Gas Gate Valve Specifications:

  • Two stage seating eliminates seat galling: gate assembly moves on guide rail to full closed position, then contacts wedges to advance onto seat
  • Specially designed rollers assure smooth gate travel even in the most demanding service environments
  • Fully guided disc eliminates gate flutter
  • Available in sizes 4" to 96"
  • Service temperatures up to 1600F
  • Metal to metal seal
  • Leakage standards available: FCI 70.2 Class VI, complet shut off


MECS® Process Gas Jug Valve Specifications:

  • For control of high temperature flue gas
  • Seat configurations achieve minimal leakage
  • Available in durable cast or wrought alloys
  • Polished shafts to ensure long term low friction stem seals
  • Proprietary stem packing to prevent process leakage and to increase valve service life
  • Flexible mounting methods, vertical or horizontal
  • Available in sizes 12" to 96"
  • Service pressure up to 50 psig, temperatures up to 2300F
  • Refractory or metal seat designs
  • Refractory lined if required
  • Motor or manual operation


MECS® Process Gas Butterfly Valve Specifications:

  • Proprietary stem packing to prevent process leakage and to increase valve service life
  • Packing is accessible for inspection and maintenance
  • Materials of construction are engineered specifically for sulfuric acid service
  • Disc is line bored for precise shaft alignment
  • Triple offset design is available for zero leakage applications


To view a brochure for MECS® Process Gas Gate Valves, click here.

To view a brochure for MECS® Process Gas Jug Valves, click here.

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