Piping Systems

Setting the Standard for Safety and Reliability

Your piping systems shouldn’t be your biggest worry. Typically, traditional cast iron piping systems rate as one of the top vulnerabilities at acid plants.   MECS changed that with the introduction of ZeCor®-Z, an extremely corrosion-resistant alloy that has revolutionized the economics and dependability of piping systems.  For starters, ZeCor®-Z increases corrosion resistance by 10 times compared to cast iron piping systems. ZeCor®-Z's light weight makes it easier to handle and install.  The pipe can be pre-spooled and shipped directly to a customer's facility, thus reducing installation costs.


Our alloy piping requires far fewer flange connections, which dramatically reduces acid leaks and greatly diminishes safety and environmental risks. ZeCor®-Z's high ductility minimizes the risk of brittle failure. Since there is less erosion from velocity by using ZeCor®-Z vs. iron piping, smaller piping diameters can be used throughout the plant. Besides improving plant performance, ZeCor®-Z piping systems typically carry lower lifecycle costs than cast iron, and usually can be installed for less than the cost of Teflon-lined or Alloy 20 piping.  Proven. Dependable. Cost-effective. ZeCor®-Z piping systems raise performance, and end your worries.


To view a brochure for MECS ZeCor Piping Systems click here.      



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