Pilot Plants for Mist Elimination

In some unusual applications and to determine the efficacy of Brink mist eliminators, a field trial may be recommended. As such, in some cases after reviewing process description, conditions, and requirements, the application may turn out to be unique with unknown fiberbed mist eliminator service life and maintenance requirements. Metal and plastic pilot plants are available to evaluate application feasibility. There are rental and clean-up costs associated with an MECS Pilot Plant and these vary according to the nature of the process being tested.  Please contact MECS for details and a specific Pilot Plant quote. 


 The MECS metal pilot plant is constructed of 316 stainless steel and consists of inlet prefilter/cooling coil (may differ slightly depending upon application), Brink mist eliminator, and fan modules. The pilot plant is about 12 ft long, 4 ft wide, and 10 ft high weighing 4720 lbs. It is fully instrumented for controlling and monitoring gas flow rate. It handles up to 450 ACFM gas flow.


 The plastic pilot plant consists of a Brink mist eliminator module and a fan module. Basically, the unit is approximately 10 feet long, 4 feet wide, 10 feet high, and weighs 3500 pounds. It is instrumented for controlling and monitoring gas flow and handles approximately 450 ACFM gas flow. The pilot plant is constructed of ATLAC 382 resin and should be operated below 165 degrees F since the resin can deteriorate at any higher temperature.


 All MECS pilot plants for mist elimination have air atomizing spray nozzle below the Brink mist eliminator element for irrigation if needed. The nozzle is operated around 40 psig liquid pressure and 50 PSIG air pressure, and requires approximately 0.1 GPM liquid and 6 SCFM air.


Recommendation for sample stream nozzle sizing and location will be provided for the best performance and the reliable data for full scale design. When the pilot plant is received, a customer assigned person needs to install it, operate it, and collect tBrink Mist Eliminatorshe operating data as suggested in the instructions.



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