Oil Mist

MECS Oil Mist Systems are specifically designed to efficiently and effectively collect the submicron particles causing blue haze or oil smoke in Process Related and Rotating Equipment and Pumps applications.  


Brink Fiber Bed

Brink Fiber Bed

These systems utilize MECS Brink Fiber Bed elements which achieve guaranteed collection efficiencies up to 99.9%. We have been successfully removing organic mists from such operations for decades.  

Small Packaged Oil Mist System 


How They Work

Mist laden gas is drawn into the unit through a prefilter section to collect the larger particles. If cooling is required to condense the organic vapor, an optional finned tube heat exchanger section is available as part of the package. The gas then flows into the mist eliminator element housing which contains MECS Brink Brownian diffusion type fiber bed elements. The collected organic liquid drains into the bottom of the housing and is removed by a gravity drain or optional powered pump out.

MECS Oil Mist System 
















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