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Oleum Vent Systems 

MECS, Inc. offers a fully engineered package system for controlling sulfur trioxide and sulfuric acid mist emissions from oleum storage tanks, tank trucks, railcars, and loading stations. These units are available in flows from 100 to 1,500 cfm. The units hydrolyze sulfur trioxide vapor into sulfuric acid mist and use a high efficiency Brink Mist Eliminator to remove the mist. Typically, customers with a storage tank vent problem will require a 100 CFM package. If there are multiple vent problems, such as several storage tanks at high rates, a 200, 500, or larger CFM package will be required.

Where an oleum loading or unloading dock is involved, the package size is governed by the hood design, but a typical package would require a 200 or 500 CFM oleum vent package.  
A typical flow diagram for the Oleum Vent Package.Olem Flow    

Package Capacities                

Model Max.
Flow (cfm)
Max. S03
Rate (lbs./hr.)
OVS 100 100 11
OVS 200 200 22
OVS 500 500 54
OVS 1,000 1,000 108
OVS 1,500 1,500 162


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