Oleum, Liquid SO3, Chlorosulfonic Acid Mist



Brink FAVS® - Fuming Acid Vent System

Safe and efficient collection of Oleum, Liquid SO3 and Chlorosulfonic Acid mists

Fuming Acid Vent System

Features and Benefits:

• Pre-engineered, self contained, skid mounted package ready to install and operate.
• Brink® fiber bed mist eliminator for a minimum of 99.5% mist collection efficiency.
• Value engineered to utilize high alloy and FRP materials only where needed.
• Hydrolysis – water injection manifold and “T” assures complete conversion to dilute H2SO4 – sulfuric acid and/or HCl – hydrochloric acid mists.
• Simple operation with basic, operator friendly controls.
• Robust chemical duty motor, blower and general construction for low maintenance and high on stream reliability.
• Insulated and heat traced for all-weather, outdoor use.
• Portable, wheeled, rolling systems can be designed for emergency spill/fuming acid control.


The Brink® Fuming Acid Vent System by MECS® Inc. is an engineered, skid mounted sub micron mist removal device that is designed to control problems created by fuming acids that are vented to atmosphere. Typically the application is related to these fuming acids being pumped into storage tanks, tank cars or tank trucks. The atmospheric vents on these
tanks are ducted to a Brink® FAVS to avoid the dense, highly corrosive and toxic fog that would result otherwise. Systems are available in pre-engineered capacities from 100 through 1500 cfm. Other sizes can be designed and built upon request.

How the Brink FAVS Works

With the blower motor running, dilution air and the fuming acid vapor emissions are drawn through the storage tank vent and ducted to the hydrolysis section where water is injected at a controlled rate within the manifold to hydrolyze the SO3 and/or CSA vapor into aerosol acid mist. This sub-micron mist travels through the throat of the standing Brink® mist eliminator which is mounted on a tube sheet within the Brink® FAVS vessel. The mist is collected within the deep bed cross section of the Brink fiber bed and the weak acid liquid is drained off the outside onto the tube sheet then drained into the bottom of the vessel and eventually pumped away. The now clean air is drawn out of the top of the vessel through the Brink® FAVS ducting/blower and exhausted to atmosphere.

A typical flow diagram for the Fuming Acid Vent System

Diagram for the Fuming Acid Vent System

Package Capacities


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