Non-Ferrous Metals

Non-ferrous metals installations include

• Smelters utilizing conventional and flash furnace technology for Copper, Nickel, Zinc, etc.
• Roasters and Sintering Machines for Lead, Molybdenum, etc.


Metallurgical plants must deal with sulfur components in the concentrate.  During the roasting or smelting process, the sulfur components are released in the form of SO2, which cannot be emitted to the atmosphere.  If a high enough concentration of SO2 is present, a sulfuric acid plant can serve as the pollution control device and converts SO2 into useful sulfuric acid. 


MECS provides Metallurgical Sulfuric Acid Process Technology for conversion of smelter off gases to sulfuric acid.  More information on the Metallurgical process can be found here.


Molybdenum roasters and fugitive gases typically do not have a high enough concentration of SO2 to warrant a sulfuric acid plant.  A flue gas desulphurization system, using a DynaWave wet gas scrubber, is an effective means of meeting clean air requirements.


The advantages of DynaWave in this application is the ability to provide


• Particulate removal
• Acid gas removal
• Quench of the incoming hot gas
• And sulfite oxidation


in the same vessel. 


MECS provided the sulfuric acid technology and emissions reduction equipment for the cleanest copper smelter in the world.  The Kennecott smelter and refinery installed the most advanced emission control system available, MECS Metallurgical sulfuric acid process and DynaWave wet gas scrubbers for fugitive and anode furnace gas.

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