Brink Filters for Nitric Acid Plants

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How the Brink Pt filter works

In the nitric acid plant, the Brink Pt Filter by MECS is housed in a separate vessel and installed in a horizontal orientation following the waste heat boiler. As air and ammonia are burned at the platinum catalyst gauze, within the converter vessel, a gradual catalyst breakdown occurs and the resulting platinum dust is carried downstream to the Brink Pt Filter and is captured. This Pt Filter has an estimated platinum collection efficiency of nearly 100% of contactable and collectable Pt dust.

When the Pt Filter has been in service for one or two production campaigns, it is taken from service and the outer screens are removed so that the special ceramic fiber embedded with the platinum dust may be accessed. The platinum embedded ceramic fiber media is removed and returned to a precious metal processor for reclamation. A spare Brink Pt Filter is placed in the filter vessel and the empty Pt Filter cage is then returned to MECS to be repacked.

Based on reports from existing MECS customers, the Brink Pt Filter collects up to 60% of the platinum catalyst burn off losses. This overall recovery is based on credits secured from the precious metal processor compared with the platinum lost from the gauzes.


Features and Benefits:

  •  Internal cross brace supports added for structural strength.
  • High temperature engineered ceramic fiber used for collectionmedia.Payout Period
  • Filters are re-packable by MECS for cost savings.
  • Eliminates unnecessary loss of costly platinum catalyst.
  • Collection efficiency approaches100% of contact-able and collectable platinum dust
  • No moving parts – continuous operation with low maintenance
  • Low pressure drop – typically 0.5 psi when clean
  • Return on investment is very fast with pay out as short as 1.5 months.

Nitric Acid Plant Layout 

MECS® provides Brink high performance filters for the entire gas stream in a nitric acid plant.

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