Near Zero Corrosion Properties


When MECS first developed its corrosion resistant high performance metal in 1998, the technical goal was to produce a high performance metal that exhibited NO corrosion when exposed to strong sulfuric acid.  That goal was virtually accomplished and the metal has since been know as ZeCor® - which stands for Zero Corrosion.  Specifically,  ZeCor was designed for use in strong sulfuric acid applications ranging from 93 percent to 99 percent with temperatures from 140 degrees F (60 degrees C) to 260 degrees F (127 degrees C). The corrosion rate for ZeCor is less than 1 mpy or 0.025 mm per year. This rate is dependent on the acid concen-tration and temperature for typical drying and absorbing acid circuits. ZeCor is available today in a comprehensive line up of various high performance corrosion resistant metals for sulfuric acid plants, from ZeCor-Z through ZeCor-CL29 or ZeCor-310M.

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