Monplex II Heat Exchangers for Sulfuric Acid Applications

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Unique Design and Advantages of the MonPlex II™



Features and Benefits:

  • Seam welded plate pack ensures zero leakage with no tubes to vibrate and cause acoustic resonances.
  • Generous plate clearances allow for ease of inspection and ability to clean both sides of the heat exchanger.
  • Modular design can accommodate future incremental sulfuric acid plant capacity increases.
  • Lower in weight and more compact in size when compared to traditional gas to gas HEXs for acid plants.
  • Modules are truck transportable, allowing for high quality shop fabrication while minimizing costly field labor expenses and expediting schedules.
  • The frame assembly benefits from a very rigid, robust design that results in long service life.
  • Plate dimple design results in outstanding heat exchange efficiency and lower surface area requirements than traditional shell and tube HEX designs.

Monplex Unique Design


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