Monplex II Heat Exchangers for Sulfuric Acid Applications

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MonPlex II™: Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

The Next Generation of Sulfuric Acid Heat Exchangers.  MonPlex Plate Heat Exchanger


MECS has been the industry leader in the design and construction of sulfuric acid plants for nearly eight decades. Our experience and expertise positions us to offer the next generation of sulfuric acid heat exchangers -- the MonPlex II plate heat exchanger. This proprietary technology withstands the harsh conditions present in an acid plant while providing the effective heat transfer needed to maintain catalyst bed temperatures essential for conversion efficiency. 

Modular and custom-designed to meet your application, MonPlex II is compact and available in both cross flow and counter flow configurations. This modular design offers the most flexible and efficient flow arrangements. It also offers significant improvements in design and operational flexibility, including the freedom to select appropriate materials of construction for each heat transfer zone. 


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