MECS Processes and Products are providing solutions in your specific industry.  Choose your industry below, to discover what MECS can do for you.

Sulfuric Acid – We are the world leaders in Sulfuric Acid Processes and related Products.  Discover our solutions here.


Air Pollution Control – MECS has been offering Air Pollution Control solutions for over 50 years.


Refining – Refineries trust MECS technologies and products in a variety of applications


Coal Gasification – Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) processes have special needs which are met with MECS Processes and Products.


Chemical – MECS offers solutions to the Chemical Industry for the Organic Chemicals, Sulfuric Acid, Chlorine, TiO2, HCl, Plastic Resin, Methanol, and Fertilizer processes


Power – Challenges in the Power Industry are met by innovative use of MECS technologies and products


Cement – MECS is the world-wide leader in Cement industry air pollution control.

Steel - Air Pollution Control in the Sintering process is a challenge which is met by MECS DynaWave.


Non-ferrous Metals – The MECS Metallurgical process for producing Sulfuric Acid is widely used in the non-ferrous metals market.


Other Industries – Other industries where MECS offers excellent engineered solutions.


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