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Impaction ModelsCS- Cost Saver

Packed with a glass fiber mat collecting layer and a metal alloy mesh re-entrainment control layer on the downstream side (outside). One advantage of CS products is their ease of maintenance and removal compared to conventional mesh pads.



Used in the drying towers of sulfur burning and spent acid plants where the outer metal mesh layer is typically Alloy 20.  CS-IP in the drying tower usually need to be washed about once per year due to building of sulfates in theCS-IP filter. While this maintenance results in plant downtime, removing the acid mist and solids with the CS helps protect downstream equipment such as suction blower and the first pass catalyst.



Used in low velocity absorption towers of any sufuric acid plant where the quantity of sub-micron mist formed is reduced, and where the gas volume does not fluctuate below 80% of design. Like the CS-IP,  the CS-IIP uses a glass mat to collect the particles. The CS-IIP includes a 310 stainless steel mesh re-entrainment layer.



A new innovation to increase the operating time between washings of drying tower elements and extend the plant operating time between turnarounds. Co-knit uses Alloy 20 wire mesh with acid resistant glass fiber knitted into the mesh, creating a more open packing structure. A metal alloy mesh re-entrainment control layer is included on the downstream side (outside).

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