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Our focus on innovation and continuous improvement results in the industry’s most comprehensive line of equipment and solutions for Heat Recovery Systems (HRS). MECS provides engineering and equipment that not only lower corrosion and minimize mist generation, but also dramatically increase energy recovery. In fact, our solutions provide paybacks in as little as 3½ years.


Our high-efficiency equipment and installations more than triple the amount of recoverable energy compared to traditional systems. Our Super HRS design uses a gas turbine, with the exhaust superheating the steam to further increase efficiency. Coupling these designs with a Monarch condenser greatly enhances the amount of heat recovered by your system. 


The newest breakthrough is the SteaMax HRS™ sytem. It provides for a significant increase in medium pressure steam, adding to the flexibiliy of the steam's use and customization for site specific energy requirements and other local conditions. When the unit cost for energy is high, and if the local requirements for steam are met, commercial opportunities for production of electricity can provide electrical grid offsets or a revenue stream from the sale of the electrical energy. Sulfuric acid plants throughout the wold can utilize and profit form the recovered heat and enchanced steam generation provided by the MECS® SteaMax HRS™ system.

 To view a brochure for MECS® SteaMax HRS™, click here.


You can count on MECS for all your needs -- from HRS towers to distributors, from preheaters to heaters, from boilers to diluters. We provide end-to-end solutions designed to pay you back with recoverable energy and dependable, low-maintenance performance. 


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