Heat Exchangers

As a world leader in the design and construction of acid plants, MECS offers a range of solutions to meet your needs for acid cooling.  We approach each project to optimize performance and reliability, and to address the unique concerns of your plant.  Every acid cooler is custom designed to meet your specific process conditions.


Gas-gas plate heat exchangers are key components in a variety of today’s modern chemical plants.  MECS exchangers are custom engineered and designed with leading plate technology, offering the most efficient means on the market for recovering heat from energy consuming processes.

MECS offers three types of gas-gas plate heat exchangers to meet your specific needs:


MECS-ThermoZ™ is a fully welded plate exchanger designed for use in traditional air preheat applications to recover heat from energy consuming processes.  The MECS-ThermoZ is a highly efficient heat exchanger suitable for many industrial processes where gas temperatures may be up to 1500 F (815 C).

Monplex II™ is a fully welded plate heat exchanger, designed to withstand the harsh conditions present within a sulfuric acid plant.

OCAP™ is a non-welded, floating plate pack designed for rapidly fluctuating process conditions.


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