Froth Zone Technology

Froth Zone technology was invented in the 1970s to solve acid mist and particulate emissions problems in titanium dioxide pigment operations.

A Froth Zone is a region of intense turbulence with substantial back-mixing and a high rate of liquid surface renewal. The momentum of the gas causes the liquid to spread out and form a standing wave at the point where the liquid and gas momentums are balanced. Turbulent films of liquid occlude and envelop the particulate or gaseous contaminants, while also providing the gas-liquid contacting necessary for gas quenching and acid gas absorption.

In 1987, MECS worked with the inventor to replace a corroded gas quenching tower in one of their spent sulfuric acid plants. MECS realized the numerous advantages of the Froth scrubbing technology for this application and other process industries, and purchased the technology. Since then, MECS has built more than 300 DynaWave® systems for various industries around the world.


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