Excalibur™ Auto Lancing Systems for Fire Tube Boilers


Efficient, Effective and Safe Boiler Tube Cleaning


Semi-Automated WHB Lancing System

Traditional boiler tube cleaning can take up to four or five hours using four or five mechanics.  The semi-automatic version of the MECS® Excalibur™ reduces this labor-intensive and time-consuming task to 45 minutes using just a single mechanic! The semi-automatic MECS® Excalibur™ uses one lance port and services multiple fire tubes. The counterbalanced and effectively weightless lance makes positioning easy and comfortable. An in-place miniature video camera and industrial video monitor keeps the operator at a safe distance and aids in optical positioning. It’s easy to keep track of which fire tubes have been cleaned and typically only seven lance ports need to be opened to clean the entire boiler. PLC controlled cleaning ensures optimal, efficient and reproducible cleaning.


A fully automated MECS Excalibur™ Auto Lance System is also available for new boilers.  This solution takes automation to the next step, making boiler lancing a push-button operation.


Features and Benefits:

  • 90% reduction in cleaning time
  • More plant operational flexibility due to cleaning efficiency and speed
  • Safe operation with no heavy lifting
  • Energy savings from optimized steam production
  • Small footprint and maximum accessible space for tube replacement, tube sheet repairs and other boiler maintenance
  • Chemical duty electronics, electrical components and panels for maximum reliability
  • Industrial coated structure and hardware for corrosion resistance
  • Lance and air burst orifice tips are hardened for long life
  • Touch screen HMI and microprocessor equipped control unit for ease of use
  • Fast track ROI, system can pay for itself in about 1 year

Proven Track Record in Global Industries

The Automatic Pipe Cleaning System (APCS) has proven its efficacy in multiple applications in these industries:

  • Biomass combustion
  • Industrial waste streams
  • Demolition wood combustion
  • Rendering applications
  • Activated carbon
  • Glass industry
  • and now Sulfuric Acid



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