Engineered Alloy Products

For Sulfuric Acid Plants 

Sulfuric acid plants pose many challenges, and corrosion ranks at or near the top of the list. MECS offers a number of products and solutions to meet these challenges. Engineered Alloy Products for Sulfuric Acid Plants

Our high performance alloy products have been put to the test in thousands of installations and applications. Chief among these are our family of ZeCor® alloys, a line up of design specific corrosion-resistant alloys available exclusively from MECS.   
But we do more than simply offer products -- we offer solutions. Whether it's a pump tank, a tower, an acid distributor, a heat recovery system, or even an acid cooler or piping system, our dedicated, professional, world renowned process experts can find the right solution to meet your needs. We understand the performance and operational issues from the ground up, so MECS has a unique advantage in responding to your challenges. 


At MECS, we have the right people, the right materials, and the right solutions to keep your plant operating safely and smoothly.


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Engineered Alloy Products

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