DynaWaveTM Wet Gas Scrubbers News and Literature


Sulphur Jan/Feb 2009 Sulphur is a leading magazine in the sulphur and sulfuric acid industry.  This article covers ideas for better sulfur clean up.


DynaWave Brochure The DynaWave brochure provides technical and application information.


Case Studies

Cement Case Study DynaWave is an excellent Flue Gas Desulfurization scrubber in the dirty and abrasive cement environment. 


Technical Papers

NPRA Environmental 2008 This well-received paper presents sulfur removal of +99.9% using a Jacobs SUPERCLAUSTM followed by a DynaWave.


Brimstone 2009 Brimstone is a renowned Sulfur Conference.  This paper provides operating information on the Jacobs SUPERCLAUSTM followed by a DynaWave compared to a conventional Amine base Tail Gas Treatment Unit.


PowerGen DynaWave is an excellent coal-fired power plant Flue Gas Desulfurization scrubber.  This paper presents the DynaWave technology and its benefits.

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