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Diffusion Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator


XP™ - eXtra Performance

Reduce capital cost with 1/3 fewer elements or save energy with 1/3 less pressure drop.

Following a decade of research & development and over 5 years of acid plant field experience, MECS® now offers the eXtra Performance XP™ for all acid towers. The eXtra Performance offers the lowest pressure drop available in one to one match-ups when compared to other elements. The pressure drop per XP™ element is 1/3 less than a typical element of the same size and efficiency. As a result, a sulfuric acid plant may use up to one third fewer filter elements at the same Delta P and fewer filter elements means lower life-cycle maintenance costs. New installations can benefit from lower initial capital cost due to smaller vessel size and footprint. Offering even additional flexibility, new installations may also benefit from using standard design vessel sizes with element blank offs for future expanded production capability.


Repacking to XP design - MECS® Brink® AP™

Repacking, which is the replacement of fouled collection media on plugged fiber beds, has been a common practice for users of mist eliminators for many years.  Procedurally, the customer remove the collection media from their mist eliminators and ships the cages back to the MECS® fab shop for replacement of the fiber collection media. The repacked fiber bed is restored to it’s original efficiency and pressure drop specifications. 


MECS® now offers a unique approach to repacking fouled fiber beds -the Brink® AP™.  These new AP™ repacks consist of Brink® XP™ technology blended with existing ES or ES style cages. Brink® AP™ offer approximately 20% reduction in pressure drop and improved efficiency over repacking your existing fiber bed cages with their original design diffusion fiber collection media.  While repacking with XP media does not offer the full advantage of native XP elements, the 20% delta P and efficiency improvement offers a significant advantage over conventional repacks. 



AutoDrain™ effectively drains acid from Brink® mist eliminators without the use of expensive and complex seal leg piping systems.



With Brink® AutoDrain™, seal legs, seal cups and complex drain piping are not required for hanging fiber bed mist eliminators. Significant initial cost reduction and life cycle maintenance cost reductions will result AND the project schedule can be shortened. Additional value can be realized eliminating the hanging mist eliminator seal system design: deletion of stainless steel piping, reduced field labor for installation, enhanced safety and no need for future seal system inspection or maintenance repairs. In addition, plate and vessel savings from a smaller diameter tower design may be realized, should that option be pursued.



All of the “NEW INSTALLATIONS” benefits (above) can be realized, except the option for smaller tower design. In addition, for new Brink® element replacement in existing facilities, the extra height available can allow for longer functional process length on the Brink® AutoDrainTM elements, resulting in de-bottlenecking opportunities. Lower pressure drop and/or increased plant rates may be realized. Fast track turnarounds can be achieved due to less field work required.

AutoDrain™ is an optional feature offered on Brink® XP and ES forward flow, hang down style elements.


MECS® Brink® AUTODRAIN™ Conversion Repack

Modification to element screen cages and the addition of proprietary embedded drainage devices will be installed to incorporate the Brink® AutoDrain™ design during an element re-pack.  The converted elements will operate like new Brink® AutoDrain™ mist eliminators without the need for filling seal cups, materials and labor for seal cups and/or drain piping.  The extra height available can allow for longer functional process length on the re-packed - equipped with AutoDrain™ elements, resulting in de-bottlenecking opportunities.  Lower pressure drop and/or increased plant rates will be realized. Fast track turnarounds can be achieved due to less field work required.


Energy Saver

Bi-Component Bed Products


The ES (Energy Saver) Fiber Bed Mist Elminator incorporates a special wound fiber, computer controlled quality, and a bi-component design.


ES elements are made with our proprietary, one-of-kind wrapping machine. The machine wraps the fiber in a unique angled pattern, which facilitates drainage. In addition, the pressure drop across the element is monitored during the entire wrapping process ensuring that all mist eliminators in a set are packed to a uniform pressure drop.


The heart of the ES is its bi-component fiber bed design.  In a conventional fiber bed, liquid draining on the downstream face of the fiber bed is sometimes re-entrained in the exiting clean gas. This re-entrainment becomes worse with higher loadings of mist and/or higher flow velocities.

 ES, FP, HE "Plus" Models

The ES includes an engineered layer of coarse fibers downstream of the finer collecting fiber. Liquid that would re-entrain from the fine fiber bed is recollected and drained in the re-entrainment layer.


The standard ES element diameter is 2 feet (610 mm) and elements are available in lengths from 6 to 24 feet (1829 to 7315 mm). The wound fiber may be glass, polyester, polypropylene, or special polymeric fibers. The element cage can be fabricated from any weldable metal or can be made of fiberglass reinforced plastic or polyporpylene.



High Efficiency

High Efficiency Bed Mist Eliminators

The HE Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator is the original design that was developed in 1960. HE elements are still in use in many applications, and are typically used for soluble salt applications.

The HE Element consists of fibers which are packed between two concentric cylindrical screens. HE elements vary in diameter from 8.5 inches to 24+ inches (216mm to 610+ mm), and are available in lengths up to 288 inches (7315 mm).

Fibers may be glass, polypropylene, polyester or ceramic. The screens can be fabricated from any weldable metal or can be made of fiberglass reinforced plastic or polypropylene.

The HE "Plus" adds a re-entrainment control layer similar to the ES design.


FP Elements



Field Pack

The patented FP (Field Pack) Mist Eliminator design enables fiber bed mist eliminator users to replace their fiber packing in the field without returning the element cage to the factory for fiber replacement.

This design utilizes a special mat material that is sewn to form a sleeve or tube. This sleeve is clamped to the inner element cage. An outer screen is then added to the element for further stability.

FP elements are available in glass or polyester fiber. Existing type ES elements can usually be modified to accept FP style packs. Efficiencies and pressure drops are comparable to type ES elements. FP elements are available in a wide variety of diameters and lengths. This makes them a perfect fit for applications which require a large amount of fiber bed area in a small vessel.


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