Your Alloy Ally in Fighting Corrosion

     MECS revolutionized the sulfuric acid industry with its development of the ZeCor® family of corrosion resistant alloys. Available exclusively from MECS, ZeCor-Z, ZeCor-310M, ZeCor-310MT, ZeCor-C, ZeCor-CL and ZeCor-CL29 set the standard for superior corrosion resistance -- in a wide range of sulfuric acid concentrations and applications. Proven performance shows that the ZeCor alloys beat sulfuric acid corrosion, lower maintenance costs and improves your plant productivity. Short for Zero Corrosion, The ZeCor line up of alloys offers several key advantages over other lower performing material choices: 


  • Lower Cost: ZeCor alloys are comparably priced with traditional materials, such as cast iron and brick-lined  carbon steel, and less expensive than other alloys. Most importantly, its life cycle cost can't be matched.
  • Welding Process: MECS uses a proven proprietary welding process with ZeCor alloy filler. The resulting welds meet ASME Code Section IX.
  • Repairs: ZeCor Alloys can be easily welded on site by trained plant maintenance staff.
  • Versatility: MECS offers a number of acid plant components fabricated from ZeCor alloys: towers, pump tanks, piping, UniFlo® acid distributors, acid coolers, strainers, packing support grids, nozzle sleeves, vortex breakers, orifice plates, mesh pads and Heat Recovery System (HRS) Equipment.


     The ZeCor family of alloys is proof positive of MECS' commitment to "innovative engineering solutions" that add value to your plant processes and solve your materials corrosion problems. ZeCor -- the alloys that are your allies in beating sulfuric acid corrosion!



 To view a brochure for MECS ZeCor Alloy for Sulfuric Applications click here.


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