Chlorine Process


The capabilities of Brink technology have been expanded beyond pure “mist elimination” as Brink fiber bed products have been developed for use in controlling soluble solids emissions.    In the chlorine production industry, for example, Brink products remove brine mist from wet chlorine gas and sulfuric acid from the dry chlorine gas.  In addition to  improvements in product purity, the capacity of the chlorine plant is not compromised by mist carryover.  And the expensive downstream compressors and inter-cooler equipment are protected from corrosive effects of the chlorine gas drying medium - sulfuric acid. In addition, hydrogen off gas for fuel or commercial sales is of higher quality. 



Benefits - Wet Side Brink

• Greatly reduced brine salt carry over

• Less drying tower maintenance

• Reduced sulfuric acid consumption by reducing moisture carry over

• Reduced compressor energy use by minimizing pressure drop and lowering the Inter-cooler exit temperature

• Inter-cooler fouling rate significantly reduced 

• Plant production is optimized by minimizing condenser fouling


Benefits - Dry Side Brink

• Significantly minimize the sulfuric acid carry over from the drying tower

• Reduce maintenance in compression system by minimizing corrosion

• Maintain production at capacity by minimizing sulfuric acid in the liquefaction section


Benefits - Hydrogen Brink

• Achieve higher product purity for commercial hydrogen sales

• When hydrogen is used as a fuel, maintenance is reduced on burner tip orifices


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