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Since the chemical industry is process oriented, utilizing rotating equipment, chemical resistant piping, pressure vessels, instrumentation, other specialty hardware items and energy sources, the issues related to generating and controlling air pollution and conserving and/or recovering spent energy are diverse.  MECS’ portfolio of technologies and processes can provide innovative solutions and process enhancements for your particular industry.

Organic Chemicals - Producers of organic chemicals trust MECS technologies, products and processes to add value and environmental compliance to their operations.


Sulfuric Acid - MECS is the world leader in Sulfuric Acid Processes and related products. Discover our solutions here.


Chlorine - MECS in-process equipment protection assist this vital industry.


Titanium Dioxide - MECS is a world leader in air pollution control and value added solutions for the TiO2 industry.


Plastic & Resins - Organic emissions are challenges that are met with MECS technologies.


Methanol - Many opportunities exist for energy savings in this industry and MECS can custom design solutions for your plant needs.

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