Catalyst for Sulfuric Acid 




High Performance Catalyst for Sulfuric Acid Plants. 

The high quality of MECS catalyst is based on the key attributes of activity, pressure drop, hardness and service life. MECS research and development is dedicated to balancing and optimizing these performance attributes. MECS catalyst experts can assist you in specifying the proper catalyst type for your particular converter design. 

It all adds up -- MECS has the complete technical expertise, proven high performance catalyst and overall sulfuric acid plant production knowledge to maximize value for your specific application. 

The best catalyst for EVERY application. 


GEAR™ Series                         *NEW PRODUCTS*                                          

The new catalysts – designated as GR-330 and GR-310 – include an optimized shape and enhanced formula providing for interchangeable use in all passes of the converter. GR-330 is produced in a 13 mm diameter size while GR-310 is 12 mm in diameter.


For more details on how GEAR™ catalysts can be used to improve sulfuric acid plant performance, click here.


Extended Surface Area - XLP Series
for lowest pressure drop and highest conversion performance in all beds of the converter.  XLP Catalyst is the industry standard in sulfuric acid plants today.



Rings - LP Series
for low pressure drop, high activity and low fouling rates.  





Pellet Type
for low gas velocity converter designs and where maximum durability is required for lower screening losses. 




Cesium Promoted
for low plant stack emissions and lower ignition temperatures to affect faster plant start-ups. 



This high performance full range of Catalyst Products complements MECS' capability as a totally integrated provider of sulfuric acid technology and equipment. MECS leads the world in this capability.  
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