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Brink Articles

Problem Solved with Brink Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator: Brink Compressed Gas Filter by MECS removes sub-micron aerosol mist contaminants at a chemical plant gas compressor.  Reprinted from "Compressor Tech²", 4 pages 

Demystifying Mist Eliminator Selection: Mist eliminators can protect equipment, recover product and control emissions.  Apply these techniques to select the best mist eliminator for your service.  Reprinted from "Chemical Engineering", 8 pages

Teamwork, technology result in early start-up for Peridot facility: Peridot Chemicals initiated a successful early start up of its new sulfuric acid plant - the culmination of the dedication to quality both by Peridot and by the project’s primary contractor, MECS of St. Louis, MO. Reprinted from "Sulfuric Acid Today", 1 page 

Plant air contamination removed with fiber bed mist eliminator: Brink Mist Eliminators remove moisture and oil mist from U.S. Steel’s compressed air systems. Reprinted from "Engineer’s Digest", 1 page

Bi-component mist eliminator stops particulate emissions: East Penn Manufacturing, a lead/acid automobile battery reclaiming facility, uses Brink Mist Eliminators on the smelter off gas to capture ammonium bisulfite sub-micron mist particles.  Reprinted from "Chemical Processing", 1 page

Bi-component bed mist eliminator eradicates acid-fume emissions: The Henkel Corp. in Hoboken, NJ manufactures surfactants.  A Brink Fuming Acid Vent System by MECS effectively captures and hydrolyses CSA vapors from tank truck loading and storage facilities in the plant.  Reprinted from "Chemical Processing", 2 pages

Mist Eliminator stops flooding; steadies process air dew point: The Lever Brothers’ detergent plant had flooding process air desiccant dryers on the sulfonation unit.  MECS’ Brink Mist Eliminators removed the condensation that was formed as a result of large ambient humidity excursions.  Reprinted from "Chemical Processing", 2 pages

Dupont Sets New Standards for Sulfuric Acid Plants: To avoid oleum fume releases during repair and replacement of piping systems in their sulfuric acid plant, Dupont engineers use a Brink Oleum Vent System to capture the dense sulfuric acid mist that is formed when oleum is exposed to moisture in the air.  Reprinted from "CPI Equipment Reporter", 2 pages   


Brink Case Studies

Plasticizer Opacity problem solved:  Bo-Tex, a synthetic textile producer,  was able to upgrade  and improve their air pollution control design by using a Brink Organic Package System to capture voluminous, billowing oil mist smoke and recycle the collected plasticizer oil.  2 pages 

Brink Alleviates OIl Contamination in Process Gas: Rohm & Haas avoids costly repairs to their ammonia recovery system by employing a Brink CGF (Compressed Gas Filter) after their flooded oil screw gas compressor.  2 pages

Mobile Fume Scrubber captures SO3 Fumes: Dupont uses a Brink Oleum Vent System to capture the dense sulfuric acid fog when performing routine repairs and maintenance on their fuming sulfuric acid (oleum) plants.  2 pages

Brink Mist Eliminator system replaces ESPs: Allied Fibers was faced with condensed oil vapor emissions that caused excessive repairs and maintenance to their electrostatic precipitators in their polyester plant. A clean stack, high reliability and low maintenance costs resulted from the installation of a Brink packaged system. 1 page

Vinyl Curing  oil smoke collected and recycled: H.B. Fuller / Sinteticos, a vinyl upholstery manufacturer, cleans up their plant and the neighborhood air in Costa Rica by effectively employing a Brink Organic Package System in their facility.  2 pages

Nitric Acid plant gets 12 years service:  Nitram, a nitric acid producer for the fertilizer industry uses a rotating system of a Brink fiber bed with a spare to clean the ammonia gas stream prior to the platinum gauzes for higher conversion over longer periods.  2 pages


Brink Technical Papers

Clearing Up Common Misconceptions Regarding Mist Eliminators: Fiber bed mist eliminators have been around since 1958 and during the past 50 years or so, tremendous improvements have been made by MECS, however some nagging misconceptions commonly exist in industry today.  4 pages

Clearing Up Misconceptions Regarding Mist Eliminators in Sulfuric Acid Service: A similar technical paper as above, however this adds focus on the misconceptions  of “fiber bed weight” as a consistency parameter and EPA Method 8 as a fiber bed efficiency and performance metric in sulfuric acid plants.  3 pages

Brink Diffusion Fiber Beds for Ammonium Nitrate Applications: This paper reviews the basic diffusion fiberbed operating characteristics, mist collection mechanisms, fiber bed types & features, typical control equipment arrangements, and special features from a couple of large installations currently in operation today.  12 pages

Field Testing of Fiberbed Mist Eliminators for Sulphuric Acid Plant Service: This paper describes the portable field test apparatus, set-up and operation.  Field testing of different fiber bed packing types are compared along with an extended surface area concentric fiberbed mist eliminator. In addition, the value of process gas pressure drop in sulphuric acid plants is described.  14 pages


Brink Literature

Full line General Brochure: Covers mist eliminator technology and Brink products for  the chemical process, pulp & paper, plastics, asphalt and other manufacturing industries. 12 pages

Brink for Sulfuric Acid: Application specific to Sulfuric Acid Plants, this includes the technology behind collection of acid mists, Brink fiber beds, mesh pads, acid plant de-bottlenecking and repack, repairs and upgrades. 12 pages

Organic Package System: Fully integrated skid mounted system typically used in re moving sub micron “blue smoke” from manufacturing processes including vinyl, plastics and roofing products. 4 pages.  

Fuming Acid Vent System: Skid mounted packaged system for collection of oleum, liquid SO3 and Chlorosulfonic acid mists; shows how it works and includes a typical process flow diagram. 4 pages.

Asphalt Vent Package: A comprehensive overview of opacity and emissions from tank vents and asphalt truck/tank car loading facilities and how to capture these specific mists and smoke. 4 pages

MistGARD: Covers machine oil mist collectors for straight oil smoke and soluble metalworking mists common in high speed machining operations. The technology of indoor clean air quality and mist removal efficiencies is explained. 2 pages 

Compressed Gas Filter: Shows how to remove oil and water sub-micron mists from compressed air and other gases for high purity, high reliability compressor operations while reducing maintenance costs. 2 pages

Brink for Ammonium Nitrate: Application specific to AN prill towers and how to use specially designed Brink fiber beds for AN prill scrubbers to eliminate AN salts plume.  Irrigated pre-filtration and In situ washing of the soluble salts from the fiber beds is also covered. 2 pages

Platinum and other Filters for Nitric Acid: A comprehensive overview of where Brink high performance filters can add value in the gas stream of nitric acid plants. Particular emphasis is given to the recovery of platinum catalyst dust. 2 pages

Mist Eliminators for Chlorine Plants: Application specific to Chlorine Plants, shows process flow and how Brink Mist Eliminators can benefit both the wet and dry side of the the continuous process. 1 page


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