Brink Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators

For the effective elimination of fine aerosol mists, submicron oil smoke and soluble solids

Dr. Joseph Brink and Monsanto, the original parent company of MECS, developed the first fiber bed mist eliminator for their own use in 1958. The original applications were developed to solve air pollution issues for Monsanto's own phosphoric acid plants. The success of this original application led to the decision to commercialize this air pollution technology breakthrough and offer Brink fiber beds to other industries. Building on the early successes and improving these custom engineered devices has led to over 5000 successful applications throughout the world.


Brink fiber beds are designed to remove virtually any type of mist from any gas stream and they excel at collecting the most difficult to capture aerosol mists - submicron sized. MECS welcomes the opportunity to investigate and recommend solutions to any mist related air pollution or in-process gas handling problem that you may have.






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