Asphalt Mist

Brink Asphalt Vent Package

Proven successful for asphalt tank vent applications since 1972.  

Asphalt Vent


The MECS Asphalt Vent Package is a skid mounted unit containing a prefilter section, a housing containing a Brink® Mist Eliminator Element, and a blower with motor. They are used to collect the very fine mist which cause visible plumes from asphalt loading and storage facilities.

On asphalt storage tanks, the displaced mist is captured in a collection hood over the tank vent. In loading operations, a collection hood mounted over the filling nozzle collects the mist. Several loading nozzle and storage tank hoods can be ducted to a single Asphalt Vent Package. These packages are available in five sizes: 250, 500, 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 CFM. 



How it Works


Asphalt Vent

The mist laden gas is drawn into the unit through a prefilter section. This prefilter collects the larger particles. The prefilter has an easily removable frame, which holds disposable filter media. From the prefilter, the gas is drawn though

a vessel containing a Brink® Mist Eliminator Element. This element traps and removes the submicron oil mist particles

and the collected oils are drained from the bottom of the element. The clean gas exits from a stack on the fan discharge. The MECS Asphalt Vent Package will meet or exceed the new Federal and State emission requirements for vent opacity associated with asphalt storage tanks and loading racks. 




Asphalt Vent Drawing


Brink Mist Eliminator

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