Air Pollution Control


Air pollutants are substances found in the air that have deleterious effects on humans, animals, plants and the environment in general. Air pollutants may be man made, typically in industrial/chemical processes or generated naturally, such as in dust storms or volcanic eruptions.  In this context, man made industrial air pollutants will be reviewed.  Air Pollution is typically classified as 1) solid particulate, 2) liquid or aerosol mists and  3) invisible, gaseous types.  Depending on pollutant’s physical state, different or multiple types of control technologies may be used to abate or collect the air pollutant and help to meet “clean air” regulatory requirements.

Because of the unique demands of various industries and the distinct characteristics of the three general types of air pollutants, MECS offers control technologies which are based on high levels of experience, chemical process competencies, and specialty materials engineering.

Brink Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators by MECS  are designed to capture the most difficult of all aerosol mists - those that are sub-micron in size.    Sub-micron mists are the major cause of stack opacity and the resulting environmental citations for air pollution. Brink Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators systems can be designed and employed to result in an essentially invisible stack plume while meeting government or industry clean air regulations.

DynaWave Wet Gas Scrubber is used extensively for air pollution control in various industries, providing particulate and acid gas removal in a compact, simple to operate unit

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