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Anodically Protected (AP) Coolers

MECS AP Coolers are designed to meet your process conditions, economics and technical preferences. Typically constructed with 300 series stainless steels and carbon steel, MECS AP Coolers are manufactured to ASME VIII Div. I and our commitment to the highest quality. Included with each AP Cooler is the MECS FILMGARD® Anodic Protection System. The newest version, FILMGARD®-5 uses a single, high reliability Power-Pac to passivate any size acid cooler. It is available with an Allen-Bradley PLC, or it can be easily integrated into a site Distributed Control System (DCS). The FILMGARD®-5 is also available as a direct replacement for any brand and type of existing AP system.

ZeCor®-Z Coolers

MECS now offers another alternative to AP Coolers. The MECS ZeCor®-Z coolers give you the option of using an alloy with superior corrosion resistance with the added benefit of eliminating costs associated with operating traditional anodic protection systems. All acid wetted surfaces are constructed with ZeCor®-Z, and are manufactured to meet ASME VIII Div. I Code Case 2450 and our commitment to the highest quality. Tested in numerous applications, ZeCor® shell and tube coolers are virtually maintenance free, so you avoid costly downtime for inspections and repairs. 


Seawater (with AP) Coolers

The use of high chloride cooling water (commonly referred to as Seawater) for acid cooling is a particularly challenging application in sulfuric acid plants. The use of this cooling medium poses several concerns that must be addressed: Pitting, Stress corrosion cracking, and Crevice corrosion. To combat these, MECS offer the Seawater Cooler specifically designed with high chlorinated water in mind. MECS uses proprietary materials that will allow the use of seawater in acid cooling applications. MECS Seawater Cooler are also equipped with The FILMGARD®-5 as a secondary protection against the seawater. MECS Seawater Coolers are manufactured to ASME VIII Div. I and our commitment to the highest quality. MECS Seawater Coolers are perfect fit for any high chloride acid cooling application. 



To view a brochure for MECS Acid Coolers click here or for MECS Filmgard 5 (FG5) click here


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