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MECS is proud to introduce a new line of sulfuric acid catalysts.  GEAR™ will offer improved performance to the sulfuric acid industry.  These catalysts combine lower pressure drop with higher activity to deliver increased energy savings and lower plant SO2 emissions.

Read details on the news item here.

For more details on how GEAR™ catalysts can be used to improve sulfuric acid plant performance, click here.

MECS is the global leader in the design of sulfuric acid plants and related high performance products for the phosphate fertilizer, oil refining and metal smelting industries.

Together with our process technology and engineering expertise, we team with a worldwide network of joint ventures, licensees, relationships with Engineering Procurement & Construction companies and suppliers to bring you unsurpassed technology.  To complement these sulfuric acid processes and competencies, MECS supplies world class gas cleaning products for air pollution control, custom engineered heat exchange products that recover energy for the chemical process industry, and unique value added process technology for oil refineries.

Leading with technology, engineered to perform, built to last.

Our current world wide organization consists of personnel in project and product management, process and design engineering, marketing and sales engineering.  We utilize current state-of-the-art tools such as ASPEN 3D CAD and CFD. A high percentage of the organization has previous plant operating, maintenance, and/or start-up experience which helps to bring a practical approach to engineering evaluations, trouble-shooting and new technology solutions.



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